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The strong bridge.

It was a Saturday evening, and Leena was engrossed in watching her favorite TV music and talent show. Today was the Father’s Day special episode. Contestants would come up their turn and share little stories about their father and how they were key in bringing them up to where they stood in life, today. Leena […]

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Myra was a quiet little lady. She was all of five when her father passed away of ill health. Since then, almost two years now, Myra lived in her tiny little house, at the edge of a busy city, with her mum and grandmother. Ever since she lost her father, Myra hardly talked. She kept […]

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shaken stirred short story

Shaken and Stirred

“Wake up, Diana…wake up please my darling!” Di felt her body being vigorously shaken up… She wanted to wake up. But she couldn’t. It wasn’t time yet, she thought. Not just yet. I have a score to settle. As she floated above her body, Di looked around for someone. Someone. The one Di had to […]

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