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Richa opened her cupboard for the tenth time in the day. I am fed up. As if on cue, her mother-in-law and sister-in-law appeared behind her. She opened all the drawers and stood aside. The duo went item by item in her drawer and started noting. The younger one dived right in… “Oh when did […]

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The Dark Dawn

Everywhere she went, she would invite the same reactions. Nysa was dark. Not the dark that you would expect from a typical Indian, she was really the dark of the night. Her eyes, the color of slate stood out on her face like two full moons. And just like her eyes, in a family that […]

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The Winged Words

Riva knew what she wanted. From the day she came into herself, she knew she wanted to be a writer. She was born into a family that was simple, humble and middle class.And being middle class meant everyone who came into themselves needed to start earning.As soon as Riva graduated, she started a job as an […]

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And she walked out of the door that made her life a hermitage. Gayatri, at 21 and quite unlike most girls her age, was strong, independent and lively young woman. Married off young, her ambitions took the backseat as her father, a retired professor wished her to ‘settle’ down in life with a ‘nice’ young […]

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