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An Evening To Remember

Mohit! Neeta was awe struck! For a few seconds Neeta had no idea if she was imagining or what she was seeing was real.

Yeah, this is me! Mohit said, as calmly as he had always. That was a horrifying evening for Neeta.

The month of May in the busy city of Bangalore was a wonderful time. The perfectly pleasant weather meant many people would be out and about as if spring had come up in their lives.

Neeta was a fun loving and emotional 27-year-old. And she was very fond of the city she lived in. A lot of her fond memories were built here.

I wish for a day when I have not much too worry about, and I don’t have to always be in hurry.

As always, Neeta sat humming the lines of her favorite song, as she went about her daily morning chores. Having a one-year old baby and a house to manage, often tired her out. It wasn’t as if she couldn’t manage. But every few days, there was a desire to break away from the monotony that was life. Leisure had become something she only dreamt about. Ever since her father’s death, a few months back, her life had taken a turn. There were ever so many things to take care of, be responsible for, worry about.

She was happy in her marriage. Mohit was absolutely loving and showered her with unconditional love and attention. But she still yearned for some ‘free’ time. A time where they could just be themselves, see a new place, or just laze around. So she decided, she would talk to Mohit about this. When he comes back from work that day, she will ask him if they can take off on a small vacation away from their busy life.

Where to go was the big question. Their little girl was still not old enough to venture out too far. As she sat mulling over where to go, she picked up the phone to call her husband.

Jevan zal? (Had lunch?) Neeta inquired.
Anu kay karat aahe?(What Anu is doing?), Mohit inquired.
Ti khelat aahe( she is playing), Neeta smiled.
I have a surprise for you, but someone is calling me, so we will talk later.

Oh. Take care. Bye.
Bye sweety.

Neeta put down the phone and got busy again with Anu. But she forget to ask Mohit when he will come home and as usual Mohit also forgot to tell her when he will be back.

She lay down for a while, wide awake, in her bedroom. Her mobile showed it was 5.00 pm. she immediately slid the window pane, to look out from her flat, which was located on the fifth floor. She always loved to watch the sunset from her window.

Soon she began preparing for dinner.

After finishing Anu’s dinner Neeta just sat down to call to Mohit. He was unusually late today. He would usually come home at 7:00 pm. If he was going to be late he would inform Neeta. But today there was no phone call from Mohit. It was 8.30 pm. She tried calling Mohit many times, but his phone was not reachable. Worried now, Neeta called one of Mohit’s friends, but even he didn’t know his whereabouts.

Soon, the clock struck ten. Out of patience and worried, Neetu called upon Urmi aunty, her neighbor, and requested her to stay with her for a while.

Mohit aa jayega,(he will come) don’t worry. Said Urmi aunty.

Neetu lost her control and tears started to roll down her cheeks. A million thoughts crossed her mind. What if there was an accident? What if someone mugged Mohit?

She was struggling to keep calm. She looked at the clock. It was almost 11 pm now. As she was about to think of what to do next, the doorbell rang.

She opened the door with a shaky hand. Mohit … her voice struggling to come out, tears went on, and she pulled him close and hugged him tight.

Sorry Neetu, my phone was switched-off and I was not able to inform you that I will be late. But I have a surprise for you…Look!

Neeta looked down at the document with tear-stricken eyes. And something lifted the burden inside her heart. It was the booking confirmation of that resort where she had wanted to go!

Sometimes, you don’t really need words. Love is omniscient. You may meet many who will know you but a very few who would understand your dreams.

Neeta hugged Mohit even more tightly.

Author: Neha Khedkar

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