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The strong bridge.

It was a Saturday evening, and Leena was engrossed in watching her favorite TV music and talent show. Today was the Father’s Day special episode. Contestants would come up their turn and share little stories about their father and how they were key in bringing them up to where they stood in life, today. Leena got a little emotional and started thinking about her own Dad when one of the contestant sang a quintessential Hindi song Ek pyaar ka nagama hai,maujo ki ravani hai… and soon she went wandering into her childhood memories.

She missed her Dad. The road accident… and the unexpected death of her Dad at the age of 53, left her family heartbroken.

Leena and her Dad enjoyed each other’s company. They both boasted of a strong emotional bonding with each other. Her Dad had grown up in a big joint family of 25 in the city. He had to work hard and oftentimes the family didn’t have enough money to eat. They had seen hard days. But even then, all he thought was about giving and providing for his family, all the joys that he as a child couldn’t have.

Leena had recently got her graduation results. She was very sure of her dreams and she had scored well in all the subjects. She wanted to pursue an MBA. But she was well aware of their financial condition and was not able to talk to her Dad about this dream of hers. When her Dad asked about it, she refused saying it would cost too much money for her studies. But her Dad knew about her dream. He said to her I will manage it darling, you cannot give up on your dreams.

That night she was not able to sleep. As she came out from her room she saw Dad sitting on his bed. He smiled at her. You should be sleeping dear, what are you doing up so late?

Leena choked back her tears and tried to talk about her confusion. Instead all she could say was,

Dad I love you very much!
I love you too my baby girl. He said to her caressing her head softly. Now go back to sleep.

Next day early in the morning Leena’s Dad went out. Before going, he asked her mother to tell Leena to wait for him.

I want to talk to Leena.

As soon as he came back, he asked for her. Ikade ye Leena, I have a surprise for you! He said.

Leena took the papers from his hand and started inspecting them. They were bank papers, and passbook. It seemed that Leena had 2 Lac rupees to her name in the account. And just like that, all her troubles and worries about finding the money to study, disappeared! That day, her Dad graduated from being just her father, to being a teacher, a support system and someone she would always look up to!

Leena’s day dream was broken by Vishu, her daughter calling her. She was shouting at her to see how she was sitting on her father’s legs that had made a bridge of sorts between the sofa and the table.

See Ma, my bridge is so strong!

Tears rolled down her cheeks. Yes, Vishu darling, you have a strong bridge to lean on too!

And she rushed to hug them both.

Author: Neha Khedkar

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