About fabstori.com

If you are reading this page, I guess you are an aspiring author.

Congratulations! Taking a decision is the first step in the right direction.

You could be at different stages in your journey to become a successful, full time writer.

Maybe you’ve just started out.

Or maybe you’ve published a book or two looking for answers to get more readers to buy and read your book.

Or you’re ready with your manuscript and doing the rounds at various publishers (been there, done that) and now you are frustrated with the endless wait and wondering if self-publishing is the way to go?

Whatever stage or phase you are in – we want to help.

This website is for you, by a storyteller, for storytellers.


I am Ajita. I am a self-published author, and cofounder of fabstori.com. I co-founded fabstori.com with my husband, Jabal.

Our mission is to help writers such as you, write books for a living and make writing novels a financially viable career.

We support new authors by creating educational content on book publishing and marketing. Basically we share with you what we learn ourselves.

Yes, we eat our own dog food.

We believe our efforts should help you confidently take the self-publishing route and become successful authorpreneurs.

Why fabstori.com?

Take a look at a few names below….

John Grisham, E L Lewis, Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi. Of course you know them. These are best-selling authors.

But what joins them to a common thread is the fact that their first manuscript or book was rejected several times over by renowned/established publishers. They then chose to take the self-publishing route and the rest is history.

Having learnt from their and my own experience, I decided to take charge of my own work and spent the months learning the ropes, making mistakes in my journey to become an authorpreneur.

And I decided why not also help others like me?

How we help you…

Fabstori started as a personal blog for writing and publishing short fiction.

We now want to do more, starting with educational content that helps answer your questions on self-publishing and marketing your work.

We invest our time, effort and money in researching, learning and finding ways for ourselves and our subscribers learn the right way of using digital tools and platforms to improve chances of success in the self-publishing world.

Our combined experience in writing, technology and business helps us create educational content that is useful for our readers.

We haven’t made our millions self-publishing, yet. But we have a lot to share. So why shouldn’t we?

A bit more of me…

Besides being a writer, editor, wife and mother, I am also a self-published author.

I published my first book, I, Me, Myself on a little known publishing platform back in 2009.

Those were the days when the word Kindle evoked the image of a fire in your mind instead of a handheld book reader.

Life took many unexpected turns and my book publishing dream took a backseat. Not anymore.

My second book is on its way to being self-published shortly.

I also hold a Masters in English Literature with a sizeable experience in journalism, writing, editing, reviewing and Internal Communications.

And in between, I love to look after my home garden and help friends and family find answers to their emotional quandary using my tarot reading and intuitive skills.

And Jabal…

Jabal is the other co-founder of fabstori.com and actually the one who had the idea for this website. But for the record, I thought of the website name…ahem!

He holds an MBA and brings with him over a decade of techno-marketing experience in the software industry and basically takes care of everything to make the site worth your time.

He spends hours reading, thinking, learning and applying new ideas to keep improving the site that aspiring authors like you would love to visit everyday. He is a procrastinator par excellence!

At times, his self-doubt and endless decision-making makes me want to chop his head off but then I’ve observed that in the end something good comes out of it. So I’ve held myself back all this time.

If not working on fabstori.com, he’s found in his room tinkering with his acoustic guitar, reading or playing games with our daughter.

And Shaurya…

I’d also like to introduce our new apprentice, Shaurya. An avid reader and a 3rd grader, she’s joined us our inhouse part-time designer. 😛

She loves to draw and was kind enough to agree to lend us her work to add to the ‘cuteness’ quotient of the content we publish.

If you like what fabstori wants to do, we’d love to have you onboard.

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