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Please read this. It’s not the usual yada-yada. You reading this will help us both save time and avoid inconvenience.

Submission Guidelines

  1. At the moment, we’re only accepting submissions through email. Mail us your short story at editor [at] fabstori [dot] com.
  2. The best way to get a really good answer to this question is to try reading us. Right now we are only featuring short stories of up to 500-1500 words. The genre is pure fiction. Please note that we do not consider novel excerpts or anything with illustrations or photographs.
  3. The submissions have to be original and unpublished work. Zero tolerance to plagiarism and plagiarists is non-negotiable.
  4. Please share the text only. No graphics, images, photos, animations, links in your content.
  5. We ask for first serial rights to any story we feature. This means that the story should not have appeared anywhere else, either in print or online. (This includes publication on an author’s own website.) When we publish a story, we ask for a brief period of exclusivity (usually six months). We don’t ask for website rights, or place any limits on what you can do with your story after the exclusivity period.
  6. It’s fine to send us more than one story at a time. In fact, we prefer to see two. Please don’t send more than three, though, and please send them one at a time, and not together in one document.
  7. We aim to reply to all submissions within a week, although we will sometimes go slightly over this during busy periods or holidays.
  8. If you’re waiting for a reply from us, please keep an eye on your junk/spam mail folder, as our replies do sometimes make their way there. If you submitted more than two weeks ago, and have not heard back from us, please check your junk mail folder again. If there’s nothing there, email us: editor [at] fabstori [dot] com.
  9. We are a bootstrapped startup. So please excuse yourself if you intend to earn $$$ for stories. We simply don’t have that kind of working capital. However, to encourage our writers and acknowledge a creative mind we may engage in commercial pursuits to benefit you.

Lastly, thank you if you chose to join the cavalcade. We look forward to reading your magic with words 🙂